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  • Bristow - Single Pass Rape Seeding System

    Bristow - Single Pass Rape Seeding System

    Farmer's needs are changing, new techniques are required in order to save costs and as importantly protect and care for the soil structure. The Subsoiler One Pass System is well tried and tested for low cost establishment, but at present the condition the rape is sown under are a long way from ideal especially in wet and very dry conditions. In most cases the roll or press rings behind the subsoiler do very little to fill the open slot that is made...

  • Bristow - Split Level Subsoiler

    Bristow - Split Level Subsoiler

    We are pround to annouce that our New Split Level Subsoiler is ready for sale. Yet again taking implement design even further with this new ground breaking design. Strong and effective construction incorporating front leading tines working at a shallow level separating a layer of top soil for the tiller roll to mix and cultivate leaving a desired depth of tilled soil to place the rape seed. We have designed the Swing Lift Leg to swing back within its...