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  • Pagter - Model Porto 10 - Filling Machine

    Pagter - Model Porto 10 - Filling Machine

    This filling machine makes the Porto 10 even faster – just plug in to the electricity supply, attach the hose to the water supply, place a tray of 32 Porto 10 on the grill, press the red button and approximately 7 seconds later all the Porto are filled with 80 ml of water. Lift off the filled tray and the machine is ready for the next tray to be positioned and filled. The amount of water to be inserted can easily be adjusted by turning the timer...

  • Pagter - Strapping Machine

    Pagter - Strapping Machine

    There are various options for automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. Pagter Innovations will be pleased to help you find the best suitable type for your needs.

  • Pagter - Collar Insertion Machine

    Pagter - Collar Insertion Machine

    Although most clients insert collars in the rims of Procona containers manually, to make processing large volumes of Procona even faster, the process can be automated. Please ask us for advice if you are interested in this option.