Pal Anlagenbau GmbH

Pal Anlagenbau GmbH

Pal Anlagenbau GmbH

PAL Anlagenbau designs and build farms for different kind of farm animals in Germany and since 5 years active in designing and selling catfish farms in close cooperation with Fleuren & Nooijen BV.

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Amtsweg 6 , Wittenhagen/Abtshagen , 18510 Germany
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For 20 years PAL (Agricultural Plant-Construction and Engineering Company) has been accompanying farmers all over Germany and its neighboring countries such as Austria, Poland and Slovakia with innovative solutions for stable equipment.

Our aim is to construct stable systems with optimal animal husbandry conditions. Our belief is that only animals feeling comfortable have the best performance leading to more earnings and prosperity for the farmer.

We are constantly seeking new ways in developing stable plants in order to find new income opportunities for the agricultural sector by maintaining a close partnership to farmers as well as scientific institutions.

With our innovative system solutions such as the PAL-off-stable® for pig farming and recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) for fish farming we support our clients with energy-efficient and profitable production concepts that meet the requirements of a modern livestock production technology.

The main focus of our preparatory project consultancy is to investigate and optimize the use of energy - the basis for any further decisions regarding stable system, equipment and scale of production.

For stable constructions and modifications the required environmental and animal protection standards are rising – we take up the challenge.

PAL Anlagenbau will support and accompany you.

Energy costs are decisive aspects in establishing economically viable production concepts. That’s why PAL Plant-construction and Engenieering Company introduce energy-efficient farming systems. New results in research and development are transferred into our stable concepts and process solutions.

At the beginning of every project we offer a preparatory consultation including an input-output analysis on the farm. In addition to an assessment of available energy sources and of daily energy requirements, possible new energy sources are discussed.

We will find an optimal and customized solution which offers an optimized use of available resources. Our main focus lies on using renewable energy sources.

Energy sources:

  • heat and electricity from block heat and power plant
  • heat from stable outgoing air
  • heat and nutrient outputs from process water of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for use in plant production – aquaponics
  • infrared radiant heaters
  • heat recovery from milk refrigeration
  • installation of energy saving lamps

Reducing production costs by creating optimal husbandry conditions and ensuring a high energy efficiency - we set high requirements on our equipment for your stable to achieve this goal.

The technical solutions we are offering include newest knowledge gained in practical tests and applied sciences.

We put the same great efforts in the choice of our supplying partners. Their materials and constructions must be innovative and of high quality.

In addition to technical solutions, considerations for easy cleaning and maintenance are necessary to comply with high hygienic standards. This topic is currently an aspect becoming more important in livestock production.

Our portfolio includes standard solutions as well as customized individual solutions for any of your requirements.

PAL - range of products:

  • equipment for dairy / young / beef cattle and calves
  • equipment for sows, piglets and pig fattening
  • equipment and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for fish
  • drinking systems for cattle, pigs and poultry
  • poultry technology
  • manure technology
  • cleaning technology

The well-being of our farm animals is a requirement for best animal performance and essential for economic success. One of the essential factors to create optimal conditions is stable climate.

Cattle, pigs and poultry have different demands in temperature, air, oxygen and humidity levels. Around the year their demands change.

Our PAL heating and ventilation systems consider the changing demands consistently. Therefore we cooperate with experienced suppliers which stand for quality and innovation.

  • Gas, oil, warm water and electrical heating systems are available. We offer   technical advice in efficient use of energy, always considering your specific requirements. The same applies for ventilation systems – fan units, supply and exhaust air systems – we will find an optimal technical solution in close partnership with our clients.
  • PAL also delivers process control technology for simple and complex applications for individual specific requirements. Everything in combination with a customized electrical installation, for example a house connection, a control cabinet or an alarm system and standardized interfaces for data transfer if needed.