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  • Commercial Turf Mower

  • Model CTM - Commercial Turf Mower Angle Sweeper

    Model CTM - Commercial Turf Mower Angle Sweeper

    The CTM (Commercial Turf Mower Angle Sweeper - Mechanical Drive) is a mechanically designed sweeper for commercial turf mowers;  it is a great addition to be able use the mowers for snow removal in the off season.

  • Compact Tractor

  • Model 365 - Backhoe Attenuation

    Model 365 - Backhoe Attenuation

    Bradco's 365 Backhoe has a full 180° swing rotation with equal power in both directions. Built from 10 gauge high-strength 100ksi steel to minimize weight and increase strength for durability. The highback seat is adjustable vertically, as well as forward and backwards. Swing speed control allows the operator to adjust swing speed.

  • Model 3511B - Dual Cylinder Swing Backhoe System

    Model 3511B - Dual Cylinder Swing Backhoe System

    Dual cylinder swing system with cushioned stop design provides maximum power.  Provides optimum performance with 9 to 12 GPM hydraulic system.  Replaceable steel bushings in all major pivot points.  Standard swing speeds constrol.  Large diameter boom and dipper cylinder with cushioned stop design.

  • Dozer

  • Hydraulic Angle Dozer Blades

    Hydraulic Angle Dozer Blades

    Hydraulic Angle Blades consist of moldboard, A-frame, two reversing cylinders, cab controlled quick reversing action and infinite adjustments between right and left limits.  Hydraulic Angle Blades angle through 25 degrees left to 25 degrees right with control form the cab. Typical uses include: work on mountain roads, airports, parking lots, plant facilities, rural and urban roads.

  • Excavator

  • Model CP - V Bottom Bucket

    Model CP - V Bottom Bucket

    The CP 'V' Bottom Bucket is used for digging in heavy rock conditions (some refer to these as rock buckets, others refer to them as severe duty rock buckets). The 'V' at the bottom of the buckets makes them good for laying pipe.

  • Bale Handling

  • Bale Carriage

    Bale Carriage

    Bale Carriage is designed with four 45 inch tapered tines for handling large square bales.

  • Bradco - Bale Grab

    Bradco - Bale Grab

    The Bale Grab is designed to pick up and transport large square bales, it will handle 3- 4ft square bales or 4- 2ft square bales.