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  • Model 3509 - Backhoe

    Model 3509 - Backhoe

    Category II 3-point hitch for tractors. 9' 8' max digging depth. 4768lb bucket cylinder digging force. Dipper Cylinder Digging Force. Dual cylinder swing system with cushioned stop design cylinders . 12' - 36' buckets available with pin on teeth. Valve design includes SAE float detent. Two Year Warranty.

  • Grader Rake

    Grader Rake

    Tines increase digging action for grading; separates debris for site clean-up. Tines scarify and level hard-packed soils when grading Increases productivity over conventional rake by operating in a forward directionFull-floating design to follow compound grades, and oscillates from side to side for crowning roads. The Grader Rake is designed to operate forward with its guage wheels located just ahead of the tines and reversible hydraulic angle....

  • Backhoe

  • Augers, HDF Medium Duty

    Augers, HDF Medium Duty

    The McMillen HDF Auger's are made for light to moderate ground conditions. The HDF Augers feature a fabricated boring head with hardened bolt-on gage (outside) and wisdom (inside) teeth, as well as a hardened fishtail point. These augers also equipped with heavy-duty double flighting.

  • Augers, HTF Heavy Duty

    Augers, HTF Heavy Duty

    The McMillen HTF Augers are made for tree and shrub planting. These augers have a 2' diameter design with a fabricated boring head and hardened bold-on gauge (outside) and wisdom (inside) teeth. Augers also come equipped with a hardened fishtail point and heavy-duty double flighting.