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  • Irrigation Pipes & Micro-Tubing

    Irrigation Pipes & Micro-Tubing

    Highly resistant to corrosive liquids. UV resistant while highly flexible. Smooth inner surface minimising pressure losses and deposition. Particularly durable in low temperatures and shocks. Available from 6,0Atm up to 16,0Atm satisfying all irrigation needs (microsprinklers or drippers) as well as for water transportation both surface and underground networks. Specialized anti-UV raw materials guarantee ageing protection. LDPE produced Black with...

  • PALADRIP - Embodied Dripper Pipe

    PALADRIP - Embodied Dripper Pipe

    Easy to handle and reliable, ideal solution for permanent and seasonal cultivations. Produced from high quality virgin raw materials. Specialized anti-/UV raw materials guarantees aging protection. Absolute smooth inner surface and low pressure losses allows for application to larger irrigation run lengths. Highly durable for long lasting use allowing for multi mechanical lay outs - retrievals. Work ingprcs sure is4 BAR. The dripper has a large...

  • PALADRIP - Self Compensating Dripline with Embodied Drippers

    PALADRIP - Self Compensating Dripline with Embodied Drippers

    Uniform and reliable irrigation to large run lengths even in difficult fields with uneven terrain. Easy and dependable irrigation. Self Compensation with low pressure rates economizing energy. Ideal for linear cultivation such as cotton, com, tobacco, sugar beets and irrigation in greenhouses. Highly durable for multi lay outs and retrievals. Working pressure is 4 BAR. Immediate SUPPORT from professional agronomists. Supplied with the guarantee and...