Paneltim NV processes thermoplastic synthetic materials to produce plastic sandwich panels and slats. New and recycled raw materials. PP copo and HDPE.

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Industrielaan 38 I.Z. Kwakkel C3 , Lichtervelde , 8810 Belgium

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Paneltim NV is a family production company which main objective is to produce high-quality and eco-friendly plastic panels and slats for the Belgian, European and worldwide Agro, Hygiene and Construction market.

We believe strongly in innovation, ecology, quality and sound entrepreneurship.


Paneltim NV wishes to promote its unique sandwich panel throughout the world as the better-quality, eco-friendly product for Agro, Hygiene and Construction purposes.

We challenge the market to devise as many applications as possible with the Paneltim panel.

By studying product ranges, their possible applications and the automation of the production process, we search to further optimize our panel and to anticipate market issues.

Techniques used

  • High-pressure injection moulding machine: up to 4000 ton
  • Injection compression moulding: 2000 ton
  • Mirror welding horizontally: up to 2600 x 1000mm
  • Mirror welding vertically: up to 4m wide and 8m long weld area
  • Sawing on vertical panel saws with robotic handling device
  • CNC milling machine

European patents

  • PLUS slat
  • Venti Panel 50mm with openings
  • Panel 35mm with click profile

Company Premises 

  • 3200 m² Completed stock area
  • 5200 m² Manufacturing facility


  • Paneltim NV works with one or more dealerships per country all over the world. This dealer network is under constant global construction.

Facts and Figures

  • Turnover 2011: EUR 20 mio
  • 30 employees
  • 5000 ton PP in 2011
  • Production capacity: 10 to 15.000 m² per week
  • Own R&D and design department


  • Ludo Deltour founds Paneltim® NV as a wholesale business in timber plates: PanelTim(ber).


  • Paneltim® Delta senior self supporting synthetic breeding pen slats.


  • Paneltim® Junior piglet slats with modular fitting.


  • Paneltim® plastic sandwich panels in PEHD with a honeycomb structure.  These panels were applied till 2001 as partitions and walls in pig houses.


  • Paneltim® PLUS slats.


  • Paneltim® NV starts in an entire new workplace in Lichtervelde and developes its scale of plastic PEHD sandwich panels with a square internal structure of 50/50mm.
  • New injection moulds (35 ton) for standard panels 2600 x 1000mm and Venti® panels of 1200 x 1000mm (15 ton).


  • Raw material switch: PP panels offer higher abrasive and impact resistance than PE.


  • Take-over of the plastic panels processing department of the company IPS in Ypres.


  • 2 new moulds (1200 x 1000/800mm) on compression moulding machines of IPS.  Paneltim® NV is now able to produce plastic panels out of recycled raw material (e.g. grinded beer crates).
  • Purchase of the industrial buildings by Paneltim® NV shareholders.


  • New panel: thickness 35mm, standard measures of 2500/2600/2700 x 500mm and 2700 x 600mm, in combination with a click profile.


  • 3 new moulds 1200 x 1000/800mm for panels with internal structure of 50/100mm, saving 3kg/m² in weight.


  • Extension of production area and new offices.


  • New mould for panel 2600 x 1000mm (28ton) with internal structure 50/100mm.
  • New Venti® panel with 12 openings of 30mm per 120 cm, 33% more air outlet than the existing panel with 6 openings per 1200mm.


  • New fully automatic mirror welding machine for welding together standard panels 1200×1000/800mm.
  • Purchase company premises Industrielaan 40 and 42 by Paneltim® shareholders.
  • Foundation injection moulding company Panelplast BVBA
  • Purchase 2 injection moulding machines (3300ton and 1600ton clamping force)


  • Installation new injection moulding department. Fully automated production starts half August.


  • New mould for closed Paneltim® slat 800x500mm.
  • Panelplast BVBA increases production to 24/7.
  • Optimizing injection moulds 2600x1000mm with the latest hotrunner systems.
  • Diversification of the markets, expansion of the sales and administration team.