Panocal International Ltd.

Panocal International Ltd.

Panocal International Ltd.

Panocal Roses is a rose farm situated on the slopes of one of Africas highest mountains, Mt. Elgon. The farm itself lies just outside the town of Kitale at over 6000 feet above sea level enabling the production of high quality roses for the European market. Panocal Internationnal Ltd. was established as a family concern in 1996 and has been a major supplier of premium flowers to the Dutch and Japanese auctions ever since. We have nearly 36 hectares under Roses production.

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Nakami Far, P.O Box 982 , Kitale , Trans Nzoia 30200 Kenya
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Globally (various continents)

Our mission is

To supply quality Rose Flowers to the global Market, at affordable prices. Whilst ensuring they are grown in an environmentally safe way.

The farm itself measures just over 700 hectares of which 50 Hectare has been set aside for roses. 36 hectares are currently in production.

Both tea hybrid and intermediate roses are grown on the farm. The remaining acreage of the farm is for the production of seed maize and wheat for the Kenya Seed Company. Crops are grown throughout the year because of the abundant water supply and the sophisticated irrigation systems in place.

We have opened our own tree nursery, we produce 1.5 million to 2 million tree seedlings per year for our own use and as a commercial project.

Varieties grown are pine, grevillea, eucalyptus, cypress and indigenous species.

From harvest to shipment, all steps are carefully controlled to give our customer a premium product. Particular care is given to cut stage, handling and cold chain management. Flowers leave the farm daily for Nairobi airport where we have a dedicated handler to oversee the transfer of flowers all the way to the end consumer in Europe.

Our product quality and uniformity  is the result of  strong team work and constant staff training and education. Panocal is MPS certified.