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  • Agriculture

  • ParkLand - Model 300 - Bale Accumulator

    ParkLand - Model 300 - Bale Accumulator

    With a Bale Accumulator from ParkLand, you are ensured fast and effective collecting of bales. When the trailer is fitted onto the baler, the bales are off-loaded in one or more rows or at the end of the field. In this way, man can collect and load the bales at twice the speed compared to the time it takes 2 men when the bales are spread out all over the field.

  • ParkLand - Straw and Grass Chopper

    ParkLand - Straw and Grass Chopper

    Purchase a straw/grass chopper from ParkLand and gain a number of advantages. The straw/grass chopper from ParkLand is a very powerful and reliable machine that chops and spreads the straw/grass evenly on the field. The value is utilised and the danger of fire is avoided. The special rotary construction saves a lot of horsepower and ensures steady movement. Set the cutting width according to your needs.

  • ParkLand - Forage Harvester

    ParkLand - Forage Harvester

    A reliable machine with high capacity and extraordinary good throwing capacity. is a reliable machine with high capacity and extraordinary good throwing ability even under wet and windy weather conditions. The spiral mounted knives require 20% less power - low gasoil user per ton harvested grass. Easy, rolling coupling and uncoupling together with hydraulic regulation of stub hieght makes the harvester the easiest to operate on the market. Easy...

  • ParkLand - Special Vehicles

    ParkLand - Special Vehicles

    In our range we also have a large number of special vehicles that are developed for quite special needs. At ParkLand, we also have extensive experience in making a broad range of special vehicles and tippers. On these pages you can see a number of the options we can offer you. These vehicles will often be specially adapted according to exact specifications. If you need a special vehicle, then please contact us with your requirements. Together we can...

  • Garden/Park

  • ParkLand - Combi-Trailer

    ParkLand - Combi-Trailer

    With a Combi-Trailer in your machinery fleet, you are ensured an efficient and flexible 'hard worker'. Instead of purchasing several special machines, we recommend the Combi-Trailer, which quickly and effectively solves tasks of scarifying, cutting of long and short grass, foliage suction, collection of hedge cuttings, suction after music and town festivals.

  • Vertiflex  - Model VF 250  - Unique System

    Vertiflex - Model VF 250 - Unique System

    VertiFlex is our most recent machine - a machine developed for effective scarifying and collecting. The unique system enbles the machine to simply and effectively handle even undulating areas.

  • Goal Mover

    Goal Mover

    When the fields need to be mowed there are some goal posts that need to be moved in order to provide perfect mowing. Save time, your back and money. Purchase a Goal Mover that can take care of that. Easy and fast.

  • Flail Mower

    Flail Mower

    Use the GreenLine Flail Mower to cut your grass. Whether the grass is long or short makes no difference. The Flail Mower from ParkLand handles the task. You can easily and quickly adjust the cutting height.

  • Rotor Blade Mower

    Rotor Blade Mower

    If you need to cut the grass on your acreage, it is obvious that you should use a Rotor Blade Mower from ParkLand. It ensure a beautiful result - regardless of whether the grass is short or long.