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  • Fodder Silo-Type Hopper

    Fodder Silo-Type Hopper

    Type of machine: semi-shed, Loading capacity: 4000 max, Weight without load, /kg/: 2200, Working speed to distributing feed, /km/h/: 2, Overall dimensions, /mm/, length: 6135, width: 2230, height: 2400, Staff: tractor driver.

  • Silage Distribution Machine

    Silage Distribution Machine

    apacity [m] 20 SILAGE DISTRIBUTION MACHINE RS-10 pneumatic ...ig capacity max Weight without load, /kg/ 2200 Working speed to distributing feed, /km/h/ Overall dimensions, /mm.

  • Manure Conveyors

    Manure Conveyors

    Circulating Chain-Apron Conveyor CCAC-K Conveyor ICAC stationery Chain length/m/ 25 stationery 100:150:200.