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  • Incubators

  • SmartPro - Combi Incubator

    SmartPro - Combi Incubator

    The SmartPro Combi Incubator has been designed to incorporate the features and advantages of Pas Reform’s larger SmartPro incubation technologies, to meet the specific requirements of small, specialised hatcheries. The Combi offers controlled setter and hatcher functions in one cabinet and can be used for various species, including hen, ostrich, duck, goose or turkey. Flexible in operation, the unit can be used solely as a setter, a hatcher or...

  • SmartWatch - Setter Trolley

    SmartWatch - Setter Trolley

    Highly manoeuvrable trolley with 4 large diameter swivel castors for ease of movement and the smooth transportation of valuable hatching eggs. Ergonomically designed handle bar for the easy loading and unloading of the incubator. Designed for optimal mechanical turning and suitable for the automatic loading and unloading of setter trays.

  • Hatchery Automation Systems

  • Egg Grader

    Egg Grader

    Electronically weighs and grades hatching eggs to pre-defined weight classifications. Eggs enter the egg grader on an infeed conveyor, where oversized, misshapen, cracked or dirty eggs are removed manually. Egg pressure control switches prevent the eggs from building up on the conveyor. The remaining eggs are transported through infeed gates onto a roller track, between two specially shaped rollers that position the eggs into a queue at the end of the...