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  • Incubators

  • SmartPro - Incubation System

    SmartPro - Incubation System

    SmartPro™ is Pas Reform's latest and most advanced development for modular, single-stage incubation to date: a solution that enables Circadian Incubation™. The modern hatchery manager’s goal is to produce large numbers of uniform, robust day old chicks. Robustness is a health criterion, originating in the embryonic life stage of the chicken – and correlating directly with the performance and resistance of individual chicks...

  • SmartWatch - Hatch Window Module

    SmartWatch - Hatch Window Module

    SmartWatch monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically from the day of transfer through to the last chicks hatching, eliminating any need for human intervention. SmartWatch is an important feature of SmartHatchPro. The module finely controls ventilation in the hatcher based on a programmable CO2-setpoint, from the moment of transfer to the moment of chick take-off. The valve position is gradually increased throughout the hatching process,...

  • SmartTray


    Designed to cradle hatching eggs of any size safely, the open construction of Pas Reform’s SmartTray is proven to deliver a uniform airflow during incubation. This helps to create an optimal environment for the growing embryo, to promote day old chicks, turkey poults or ducklings of the highest quality.

  • SmartBasket


    SmartBasket from Pas Reform has been designed specifically to optimise hatchability and uniformity. Genetic selection for high postnatal growth has produced modern broilers that demonstrate much higher metabolic heat production than embryos from traditional breeds. Controlling air temperature to prevent heat stress during incubation is therefore a critically important feature of modern hatchery practice. SmartBasket from Pas Reform has been designed...

  • Hatchery Automation Systems

  • Egg Grader

    Egg Grader

    Electronically weighs and grades hatching eggs to pre-defined weight classifications. Eggs enter the egg grader on an infeed conveyor, where oversized, misshapen, cracked or dirty eggs are removed manually. Egg pressure control switches prevent the eggs from building up on the conveyor. The remaining eggs are transported through infeed gates onto a roller track, between two specially shaped rollers that position the eggs into a queue at the end of the...