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  • Paysen - Calf Tip Table

    Paysen - Calf Tip Table

    The Paysen Calf tip table is noted for its rugged construction and simple maintenace free design. The design of Paysen's Calf Tip Table has evolved over the years, with developments spurred on by putting this unique piece of equipment to work, at both our own test ranch and from feedback from our customers. It features 2 headgates, an exact center of balance, easy access to the whole calf, and rugged Blue Steel construction. Our 2 headgate system...

  • Paysen - Crowding Tub

    Paysen - Crowding Tub

    This crowding tub has evolved from several years use in the field. The tub can be set-up in four different configurations with right or left side entry. Our 4' access door is standard and makes loading out of the tub into a stock trailer or ramp for liners a snap. It's easy to see that the tub design came from cattlemen as it is up off the ground. This feature eliminates having to get into the tub with a pick and shovel. It allows for build-up of...

  • Paysen - Automatic Catching Headgate

    Paysen - Automatic Catching Headgate

    Paysen Livestock manufactures three styles of headgate. An automatic catching headgate, an automatic headgate with neck extender and a manual scissor style for horned cattle or bison.

  • Paysen - Calving Pen

    Paysen - Calving Pen

    The Paysen Calving Pen is the bright star in the lineup with our famous automatic headgate in the center.

  • Feeding Equipment

  • Bale Feeders

    Bale Feeders

    Standard 18 bar one piece feeder, no paint or skirt, 8 ft. in diameter, 1” x 1” x 100w. sq. tube construction, painted and skirted feeders available, optional 21 slant bar feeders available, seam on one side allows bundling, getting up to eight in a bundle, seams bolt or weld together.

  • Rectangular Bale Feeders

    Rectangular Bale Feeders

    Available in 8’ x 12’ (holds 2 round bales) and 8’ x 24’ (holds 4 round bales) sizes, all steel construction on permanent skids, bales sit 20” above the ground.