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PB Techniek supplies electro- and water technology solutions and automation for the international horticulture sector. We have more than 25 years of experience in a wide variety of projects. As an independent enterprise, we are able to work more decisively and respond rapidly to innovative market developments. Something which is wholly recognised by our clients: vegetable, flower and pot plant growers both in the Netherlands and abroad. With around forty staff we have the in-house capacity to handle most large scale projects independently.

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Honderdland 170 , Maasdijk , 2676 LT Netherlands

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 1984 we started designing and installing the electro-technical installations specifically oriented on the intensive cultivation under glass. In 1989 these activities were extended with an independent water-technical department. Shortly after this a third department which focused completely on the automation in horticulture was founded.

During that time the PC made its way into other markets what resulted in a lot more possibilities at user level. This also affected the horticulture and so the demand for PC-controlled computers came.
PB Techniek saw the large advantages of the PC and came into the market with a PC controlled computer, ‘the ACO® horticulture computer’. Besides the ACO® computer systems which optimally meet de needs of the larger nurseries, a second line of climate controlling systems was developed. These are the BELUX® control systems specifically meant for that market for simpler implementations.

The development of these systems required a huge investment from our company and from that moment on it became clear that PB Techniek would lose its advantage if the company would not find a strong partner to cooperate with in the field of automation products and software. That partner was found in 2001 in Westland Energie, which at that time already owned among others Van Vliet, Q-com, AMS registration systems, P-plus path registration and the VEK advice group, all important players in their discipline within the intensive horticulture. By now the complete automation department is placed with HortimaX, so the future development of our products in the long term is guaranteed.

PB Techniek was appointed official dealer of the HortimaX products in 2002. Since then PB Techniek is a fully independent operating company. There is no mutual share relationship with HortimaX as well as Westland Energie.

From that moment on PB Techniek started to expand its activities:

PB Techniek took over the company MAI in 2003. This company was already working as a subcontractor for PB Techniek with seven electro-technical and/or water-technical mechanics.

In 2003 PB Techniek took over the company Brabander Wateringen. This company specialized itself from the sixties in building rainwater collection systems for the horticulture. A very strong company with an old and established name. To keep it this way we added Brabander Wateringen as brand name to PB Techniek BV, so we can continue to work under our old and familiar name.

In 2003 PB Techniek (co)founded African Hydroponics Ltd in Kenya. This company specializes in modernizing the Kenyan horticulture. African Hydroponics is our point of service and support for Kenya.

In 2003 PB Techniek BV (co)founded Eurocrop srl in Italy. This company specializes in selling turn-key projects in the field of horticulture in Italy. (www.eurocrop.it)

In 2005 PB Techniek BV started to cooperate with JB Hydroponics BV. JB Hydroponics has specialized itself in ‘cultivation systems’ for the horticulture. (www.jbhydroponics.com)

In 2006 PB Techniek started to participate in Beerepoot tuinbouwtechniek BV. This company does the same as PB Techniek, only in North Holland. (www.beerepootinstallatietechniek.nl)

In 2006 PB Techniek (co)founded Greenspan Ltd. in India. Greenspan is a plastic greenhouse builder with its own production in India. This participation does not completely fit our specialty, and is born from a request from Economic Affairs. We were asked to guide and advice this new player in the field of watering and controlling. In 2009 PB has sold back her stock to the original founder. Greenspan had gone through an enormous growth and was on the edge of investing in a big expansion in his factory. In 2010 they produced about 60 hectares of plastic greenhouses which were mainly sold through our Kenyan company African Hydroponics. PB Techniek gladly gave her cooperation to exchange of stock, and has today still a very close and warm relationship with Greenspan. We are proud to see such a new initiative gain such a important market share in a very short time.

In 2007 PB Techniek took over J. Schelling Electro BV. This very strong company, with a reputation in Aalsmeer, seemed a perfect supplement for the PB Techniek organization. The management of this company was left in the hands of her founder Johan Schelling. In the years following the takeover we were confronted with too big differences in views between Johan Schelling and PB Techniek. As per January first 2011, J. Schelling Electro BV has ceased to exist.

In 2007 PB Techniek took over LogiPower BV. LogiPower is a company that specializes in controlling Total Energy installations whether or not combined with lighting installations. Controlling is done based on APX prices, OCT prices and most of all imbalance prices. LogiPower disposes of a system which makes it possible to, besides the existing exchanges, also automatically be able to buy and sell based on the imbalance price. The goal is to gain as much efficiency as possible from Total Energy installations all through the day and throughout the year with a fully automated system. It is very important that LogiPower has no connection whatsoever with energy companies and/or PV parties, what makes independent advice and guidance possible.

In 2007 PB Techniek started an association with Royal Pride Holland, Agro Care and Kesgro in Middenmeer. This has been resulted in the foundation of Service Company PB Agriport A7 BV (Wagenpad 12, 1775 RJ Middenmeer). This was an unique initiative of a group of growers and an installer. Together they solved a shared ‘problem’. The group of growers wanted a maintenance and service level in the neighbourhood, on a very professional level. PB Techniek (and other suppliers of these group of growers) were benefited by a professional maintenance service at location. In 2009 it was decided that the hired technical experts were placed by the participating growers. From that moment on PB Agriport A7 BV has been taken over completely by PB Techniek. In a smaller form this company is still our support in North Holland.