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  • PB - Model Inject - Fertilisation Dosage Unit

    PB - Model Inject - Fertilisation Dosage Unit

    The PB Inject is a fertilisation dosage unit which combines simplicity and reliability in the one system. The unit will function problem free at various nurseries, automating the most basic actions regarding dosage. The computer regulates the EC and pH and controls the valves. Flexibility is key: the fertilisers can be dosed in any desired ratio.

  • PB - Model Fog - Control your Climate

    PB - Model Fog - Control your Climate

    PB Techniek's wide experience in the use of fog installations has allowed us to develop the ideal system: PB Fog. A plant consists of 80-90% water. Water is the vital building block for crops, as it functions as a means of transport, whilst at the same time cooling the plant. This evaporation takes place through the stomata. The rate at which this evaporation takes place is determined by heat, CO2 concentration, light and water. The humidity in...

  • PB - Solar Deck

    PB - Solar Deck

    Would you like to forget about recharging your pipe rail trolleys? With the innovative Solar Deck, trolleys are charged automatically. The development of the Solar Deck is a PB Techniek/Berg Hortimotive joint initiative. The Solar Deck consists of a solar panel which can be attached to any pipe rail trolley, including new and existing trolleys. Pipe rail trolleys no longer need to be removed to the recharging zone. On average, the investment will be...

  • PB - Cultivation Gutters

    PB - Cultivation Gutters

    Good discharge of drainage water is essential. PB Techniek’s in-house manufactured steel cultivation gutters guarantee a perfect solution and seamless fit with your operations. Operationally secure, hygienic and durable.