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  • Model HVC12 - Hoof Care

    Model HVC12 - Hoof Care

    The new HVC12 Hoof Care Chute retains the advanced features of the earlier HCC2008. This chute is so well engineered that veterinarians recommend using these chutes for Hoof Trimming, Breeding, Palpation, and many other Veterinarian procedures. Remember that a chute of this quality is not simply an expense, but an investment that pays dividends by allowing dairy farmers to be more proactive in managing the health of their cows.

  • Automatic Headgates

    Automatic Headgates

    Zimmerman Headgates have a reputation of quality and durability. With a Zimmerman Headgate you'll know your cows will be safely immobilized and the unit will last far longer than a cheaper unit. They can be purchased separately or with chute options.

  • Model ECC12 - Quality Cattle Chute for Beef and Dairy Farms

    Model ECC12 - Quality Cattle Chute for Beef and Dairy Farms

    The ECC12 is not a lightweight. It's heavy-duty construction insures that this premium Cattle Chute will last much longer than many more lightly constructed chutes. The ECC12 now comes standard with Rumber™ floor for better footing; parts are now laser-cut for higher precision, allowing it to be bolted instead of welded together. This allows the unit to be shipped unassembled for more cost-effective shipping rates.

  • Bale Movers

    Bale Movers

    Zimmerman Bale Movers are made to mount to tractor in minutes and makes stacking bales easy. 250 Series bale mover mounted on a tractor shown with universal quick attach mounting bracket and optional forged steel prongs and optional top frame extension. 'We have four different Bale Movers on our farm. We go for the Zimmerman Brand first because they are easier to hook up, easier to use, and we don't have to worry about breaking the tines.'

  • Model LS96 - Milking Parlor

    Model LS96 - Milking Parlor

    Manufactured to operate smoothly and withstand the daily rigors of heavy use, the Zimmerman LS96 Milking Parlor is designed for mid-size to small dairy farms where the operator is comfortable with close contact with cows. It makes milking easier through it's automatic features that allow the cows to milk at their own pace. “Since installing a Zimmerman Step-up Parlor several years ago, we have learned to appreciate the ease with which cows enter...