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PC Stål ApS is Denmark’s oldest manufacturer of fast running wood chippers, and the place where you find the newest innovation for eliminating the unwanted big pegs and lumps from the chips. When producing wood chips which are to be used as a fuel, the Minichip system offers an inexpensive alternative to the unmatched Totalsystem for eliminating the big pegs and lumps occurring when using standard wood chippers. When using wood chips as fuel, pegs and lumps can clog the furnace`s screw conveyor, resulting in inconvenient downtime. Currently you can find the Minichip system in the wood chippers type PC700-M1H and PC700-M2H which both handles trunks with a diameter up to 20 cm.

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Håndværkervej 6 , Thorsø , DK-8881 Denmark

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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PC Staal ApS is located in Thorsø (midway between Århus, Viborg, Silkeborg and Randers).

The firm is owned by Peder Christensen.

Since 1978 we have produced wood chippers.

Up through the 1980s we had great success with our wood chippers Type 540 and Type 560-H, of which we have sold over a 1,000. Although they have many years behind them now, we still sell blades for them, thus testifying to their durability.

Since then new models have come into being. Type PC942 was a replacement for the previous types, and has now become standard with a hydraulic intake. With wood chippers Type PC942-P and PC942-PI with the patent-pending TotalSystem we have taken a major step in producing a machine that makes uniform chips for direct use in automatic stokers and pellet furnaces with no prior sorting of the wood.

In addition, for over 30 years we have been producing constructions in steel for agriculture and industry, building up a large expertise in the process.

We have supplied innumerable steel constructions, both large and small, to all kinds of customers, so we cover a wide field.

At PC Staal ApS we pride ourselves on supplying good workmanship and top quality to the agreed delivery date.

Our orders are carried out in close cooperation with the customer or the building adviser.