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  • Massey Ferguson

  • Massey Ferguson - Tractors

    Massey Ferguson - Tractors

    Peacock & Binnington supply the full range of Massey Ferguson tractors to suit all our customers’ requirements, from 60hp to the most powerful 370 hp. The engines use the latest industry leading technology to ensure the strict emission legislation is met without sacrificing fuel economy and power. They can be specified with dyna4 or dyna6 transmissions which offer a good overlap of gears to ensure the right gear for the required job is...

  • Massey Ferguson  - Harvesting

    Massey Ferguson - Harvesting

    Peacock & Binnington offer the full range of the highly efficient and reliable Massey Ferguson combines to meet the needs of all farming customers from family farms to huge estates.  Including the Activa, Beta, Centora & Delta Machines.

  • Lely

  • Lely Rotonde - Universal Rotary Windrower

    Lely Rotonde - Universal Rotary Windrower

    The Rotonde 510 is a hydraulically adjustable windrower specifically designed for silage, hay and straw. The machine consists of two large diameter rake wheels each fitted with 16 fully floating spring steel tines. This unique rowing action gently moves and inverts the grass into a light, airy, even windrow centrally behind the tractor.

  • Great Plains

  • Great Plains  - Mounted Tillage Equipment

    Great Plains - Mounted Tillage Equipment

    Great Plains Simba offers a wide range of innovative mounted tillage equipment including disc and tine cultivators, subsoilers, presses and rollers. Designed and manufactured around proven agronomic principles, our products provide effective solutions that meet your needs for seedbed preparation, soil loosening and consolidation. Machines are available in various working widths/depths and to suit all soil types and conditions.