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  • Model 802 (8 inch) / 1002 (10 inch) - Portable Grain Augers

    Model 802 (8 inch) / 1002 (10 inch) - Portable Grain Augers

    All Peck Augers have long-lasting galvanized tubing with bolt on supporting parts - double life can be obtained by turning tube over. 8' tubing is 14 ga. thickness, 10' is 12 ga. - nearly 1/8'. Augers have extra heavy duty flighting on exposed intake end. 8' augers have 5/16' thick x 19' long, and 10' augers have 3/8' thick x 24' long. Flighting is leaned for best capacity. Electric motor drive is of simple construction with a threaded rod adjustment...

  • Model 804 (8 inch) / 1004 (10 inch) - Direct Drive Augers

    Model 804 (8 inch) / 1004 (10 inch) - Direct Drive Augers

    Our new design with mechanical drive utilizes PTO power to run both the main auger and swinging hopper. This allows you to use an older or smaller tractor with limited hydraulic capacity. Swinging hopper is powered by two gear boxes connected with a universal joint, which drive the flighting. Slotted idler sprocket is used to keep the chain tight at all times. Sprocket teeth are hardened for longer wear. Drive line has constant velocity universal...

  • Hydraulic Drive Auger

    Hydraulic Drive Auger

    Available for 8'x 31', 41', and 51' lengths. 10'x 31' length also available.It has a simple design with the motor mounted on the upper end of the flighting with roller chain flexible coupling. Pipes run down to near the bottom for hydraulic hose hook-up.Especially made for tight positions, alleyways, bins, or buildings.Hydraulics needed: 12 to 14 gallons per minute at a pressure of 1600 PSI for the 8'x 31' auger. 12 to 14 gallons per minute at a...

  • Peck Bin Hoppers

    Peck Bin Hoppers

    Fits Any Peck Top-Drive Auger, Can Be Used On Most Other 8', 10' & 12' Augers.Retractable Dolly Wheel For Easy Moving Of The Auger.

  • Model 8`/10` - Portable Truck Hopper

    Model 8`/10` - Portable Truck Hopper

    Easily balanced over wheels when empty. Especially designed for unloading hopper bottom semi-trailers. Also can be used for trucks and wagons. Connection in hopper has universal joint with paddles for a smooth grain flow without an obstruction. Shield aids smooth flow, where grain is picked up by a double flighting in the inclined tube. Electric or hydraulic drives available. Low...