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Pegasus Agritech

Pegasus Agritech

Pegasus Agritech operate in Hydroponic farming facilities and equipment; Pegasus Agritech is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a growing distribution network. Pegasus Agritech continues to lead GCC and worldwide countries with advanced hydroponic farming techniques to product fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Pegasus Agritech`s produce is among the best available in the world grown in the MENA region with the goal to help Middle east countries to attain future food security.

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Bayswater Tower, Business Bay , Dubai , Dubai 233601 United Arab Emirates
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Internationally (various countries)
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Pegasus Agritech | Commercial Hydroponics

President Obama delivered the opening keynote on May 18 to the Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security in Washington, D.C. The event preceded the G8 summit Saturday May 20 at Camp David, where leaders will meet to discuss the challenge of feeding a growing world and the need for more food investment (s) globally. 

The focus of the event underscored how food security remains a major challenge: The U.S. government’s Feed the Future initiative says that global hunger and chronic malnutrition are two of the greatest development challenges today.

To meet growing demand, world agriculture production will need to double over the next 18 years. And, while a rapidly growing population makes the challenge of food security a moving target, increasingly limited natural resources also increase the need for more creative solutions that effectively produce more food with less land, water and other resources.

Food investment (s) are one of the safest places to invest your money and Pegasus Agritech lead the way in bring innovative future farming techniques that allow us to meet todays challenges of growing more food, using less water and less land.

Pegasus Agritech have created the worlds first food investment, that gives retail and institutional investors the chance to gain exposure to one of the biggest markets on earth. 

Hydroponic farming produces nearly 1000 x more produce than traditional agriculture utilizing the same amount of land mass, this puts a hydroponic food investment as a stable, transparent and sustainable place to grow your wealth.

Food prices globally according to the FPI have risen by 100% in the last ten years, with population growth and declining amounts of arable land globally food prices are set to rise dramatically in the coming years.

Owning a part of a hydroponic farm could not be easier through our food investment program that allows you to grow your wealth in one of the most technologically advanced hydroponic farms in the world.

Food investments have to be one of the safest markets to invest in, we always need to eat, right?

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