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  • Mixers

  • Penta - Model TMR - Trailer Mixers

    Penta - Model TMR - Trailer Mixers

    Penta’s Trailer TMR Mixers are built for the farmer who demands a machine that will endure the rigors of long hours and extreme usage. The best quality feed needs the best quality mi and our mixers are designed, tested, and farm-proven to deliver the best mix on the market.

  • Penta - Stationary Vertical Mixers

    Penta - Stationary Vertical Mixers

    Penta Stationary Vertical Mixers are compact and convenient machines with a high capacity and low power consumption. Stationary mixers offer the possibility to use more economical feed boxes with less horse power to distribute the feed.

  • Tillage

  • Penta - Model 200 Series - Cultivator

    Penta - Model 200 Series - Cultivator

    The Penta 200 series cultivator sets the standard for reliable and effective field cultivation. With its unique mechanical depth control setup, its self-leveling drawbar package, and its rugged frame - the 200 series cultivator is durable, user friendly, and highly efficient.

  • Penta - Model 300 Series - Cultivator

    Penta - Model 300 Series - Cultivator

    How do you improve on a cultivator that combines a rugged design and efficient options? Add unequalled terrain following. The Penta 300 series cultivators are built with the same design and quality as the 200 series, with one major addition – a unique, patent-pending floating and oscillating hitch. By adding this hitch feature to an already effective cultivator, the 300 series provides even and precise tillage depth in all conditions.

  • Dump Boxes

    Penta comes from a long history of farming, and we understand that transporting your crop is something that needs to be done quickly and reliably. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our latest line of products to improve the efficiency of your operation – Penta hydraulic dump boxes.

  • Penta - Dump Boxes

    Penta - Dump Boxes

    Greater distances between farms, increasing yields, changing weather conditions, and time restraints – harvest time presents a unique challenge to all farmers, no matter what the season. Whether it’s haylage, sugar beets, corn silage, or grain corn; there’s a lot to take off the field and very little time to do it.