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  • Naarva - Model K - Felling Heads

    Naarva - Model K - Felling Heads

    Naarva K models are reliable combinations of a felling head and a loading grapple. They are suitable for all kinds of clearing and thinning operations. Naarva felling head is quick to install in the place of the crane’s own loading grapple or harvester head without additional hydraulics or hoses. The modular structure of the felling head facilitates the combining of three frame and five guillotine options, to form a combination that best suits...

  • Excavator

  • Naarva - Model S23 - Stroke Harvesters

    Naarva - Model S23 - Stroke Harvesters

    Naarva stroke harvesters are reliable and efficient harvester heads for first thinning. They have been designed especially for the cranes used in agricultural tractors and small excavators. The lighter Naarva S25 is a traditional stroke harvester. Naarva S25R has mechanical, cable-drivenfeeding rollers that double the delimbing speed. A patented guillotine with a 25 cm cutting diameter is used for cutting. The guillotine is durable and easy to...

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