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  • Poultry Litter Rejuvenator (PLR)

    Poultry Litter Rejuvenator (PLR)

    The Peripheral Poultry Litter Rejuvenator (PLR) is designed to increase the life of poultry house litter by breaking up the thick crust that forms just below the surface of the litter, thus allowing the ammonia to escape. The seven-foot wide deck saves time by servicing the house with fewer passes than comparable machines. The completely covered deck reduces the amount of free dust and other material floating in the air. The rigid peripheral blade...

  • Sprayer


    The PLR spraying system is designed to operate with the PLR unit. The sprayer boom can be used in front to incorporate or behind the PLR sprayer on the top. This allows the system to accommodate all types of chemical application requirements. The system is especially useful for litter beetles where they can be sprayed before they have time to tunnel down behind the PLR. It allows the house to be sprayed during the elimination of the litter crust...