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  • Model FRW 8  - Trailer

    Model FRW 8 - Trailer

    Heavy duty, 160 x 160 mm central frame of high quality steel channels. Off-road forest tires Differential tiller-bar controlled steering with 2 steering cylinders Trailer lights, standard Hydraulic brakes, standard KOMBI large compressed air system for road travel at 25 km/h available on request (compulsory when 4.5 t total weight are exceeded). Rotator, infi nite rotation Differential tiller-bar controlled steering, standard

  • Model GSE 15 Woody (230 V) - Chipper

    Model GSE 15 Woody (230 V) - Chipper

    Our shredder Model GSE 15 Woody was especially conceived and developed to reduce the volume and turn nearly any organic material such as leaves, weeds twigs, hedge and shrub pruning, dead fl owers, straw, bracken, heather and green waste into a beneficial, efficient high-quality compost. A great way to eliminate waste disposal and recycle all your organic garden debris!