Petta GP

Petta GP , founded in 1968 by Michele Petta, is a company working for the realization of agricultural machineries. Over the years, the company has been specializing for the production of crop and plant protection machinery as well as for tillage and green areas. Since the beginning, PETTA GP has been marked by a family cohesiveness and sharing that later has been handed down from one generation to another. he experience gained over the years, with inventiveness, perseverance, and initiative has allowed the company to develop state-of-the art machineries more and more innovative. Following the growing request of national and international workers, PETTA GP diversified its stock addressing itself to the agricultural machinery creators. The product wide set with different models has been conceived by our technical office and completely realized in our Italian establishment through excellent quality standards.

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Strada Statale 98 KM 77,785 , BITONTO (BA) , Apulia 70032 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The PETTA GP aim is to pay close attention to the customer satisfaction that is our reason of pride. Thanks to a strong intuition, the company succeeds in placing its products on the domestic market, directly to the farmers in areas that are not covered by its own commercial activity. In doing this, the company satisfies farmers’ different needs and granting the best solution for each problem through unique and innovative products created through the craftsmanship of yore. The future purpose is to always aim at the quality research in conjunction with the environmental protection, thanks to the daily enthusiasm of our team that carry out its work with diligence and devotion.