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  • Sampling

  • Pfeuffer - Model CEE - Truck Samplers

    Pfeuffer - Model CEE - Truck Samplers

    The Rakoraf CEE Core Sampler is the fastest and easiest method to take an accurate sample from an open trailer. The sample is taken while the trailer is still on the weighbridge. The telescopic arm with the core tube can be extended or retracted, be turned horizontally 0 to 350 degrees, and can also be raised or lowered vertically.When the core tube is forced downward into the load, the grain, due to the down pressure, is pushed upwards into the inner...

  • Pfeuffer - Model DVB 200 - Inline Samplers

    Pfeuffer - Model DVB 200 - Inline Samplers

    Automatic sampler for cereals, feedstuffs, seeds and similar bulk flow solids. Sampling is effected by means of a diverter with an open slot in the leading edge. The diverter is moved automatically through the stream (e.g. grain), see principal sketch. Thus a correct sample is taken from across the spout area, not just at the side or in the centre of the flow. Test interval is stepless adjustable from 1 test per 5 seconds to 1 test per hour. A remote...

  • Sample Dividing

  • Sample Processing

  • Pfeuffer - Model MLN Series - Sample Cleaner

    Pfeuffer - Model MLN Series - Sample Cleaner

    Selection by sample gives an accurate assessment of the total consignment. Selection based on sample makes it possible to accept quality grain or alternatively reject that which does not meet the specified standards at intake. The sample cleaner is very versatile and can be used on a wide range of products ranging from oil seed rape to maize and beans.Fully automatic cleaning - no maintenance.The screens are self cleaning being equipped with the well...

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Pfeuffer Contador  - Model 2 - Seed Counter

    Pfeuffer Contador - Model 2 - Seed Counter

    The Contador 2 is a newly developed instrument which is based on the practical experience with the renowned seed counter Contador.The proven handling of the feed containers, the short feeding distance and the high counting precision are now complemented by a considerably higher counting speed. With the traditional Contador it took you approx. 90 s to count 1000 rapeseeds, with the Contador 2 this only takes you 12 s.Feed containers for small...