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  • Post-Harvesting Storage

    Post-Harvesting Storage

    A global challenge facing post-harvesting storage is increasing the quality and timeline of stored goods. Creating ideal storage conditions comes with a hefty price tag for cold storage facilities and the extensive use of pesticides that leave harmful chemical residue. Failure to ensure proper storage conditions can trigger various disease epidemics and/or break vegetable root dormancy that eventually leads to vigorous sprouting. Pimi Marion's...

  • SeedGuard - Seeds

    SeedGuard - Seeds

    Sanitizes a wide range of seed born pathogens. Induces apical dominance breakdown in potato seeds. Boosts marketable yield and increases grower's profits.

  • CropDefender - Shelf Life

    CropDefender - Shelf Life

    Controls the entire skin disease spectrum. Boosts crop immune systems in fighting internal infections. Ensures vibrant looking fruits and vegetables for longer shelf-life in supermarkets and customer homes.