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  • Grain Storage Bags

    Grain Storage Bags

    With an exclusive production line for 12m three-layered polyethylene film manufacture, “Planeta Plastic” makes polymeric grain storage sleeves (bags) according to the highest global standards. The technology involves storage of grain in sealed polymeric sleeves.

  • Polyethylene Film

    Polyethylene film, manufactured on the modern equipment with multiple quality control at all stages of production, is the best work material to date, which is used as greenhouse film, as well as for packaging and palletizing goods, creating heat and water isolation or protection from dirt and dust during repair works – masking polyethylene film.

  • Planeta Plastic - Polyethylene Transparent Film

    Planeta Plastic - Polyethylene Transparent Film

    Used in greenhousefacilities to cover greenhouses and hotbeds for one season. Infrared absorbents added to the film allow shifting the UV part of the solar radiation spectrum to the visible part. These films have another useful characteristic – they block infrared radiation inside the greenhouse. In greenhouses covered with such film, the temperature is maintained at 3-5 degrees above the ambient temperature during spring frosts and 3-5 degrees...

  • Soyuz - Greenhouse Film

    Soyuz - Greenhouse Film

    Polyethylene film “Soyuz” is one of the most popular greenhouse films in Ukraine. “Planeta Plastic” has been manufacturing and selling polyethylene films for over a decade. The “Soyuz” film is the first stabilized polyethylene film in Ukraine. The quality of the “Soyuz” greenhouse film is trusted by farmers in all regions of Ukraine. Light-stabilizing additives protect the polyethylene against quick...

  • Three-Layer Black and White Film for Mulching and Ensiling

    Three-Layer Black and White Film for Mulching and Ensiling

    The mulching film is placed on the soil surface to create the over-soil climate, increase the soil temperature by 3-5 degrees, preserve the soil structure, save water by retaining moisture under the film, slow down the growth of weeds, accelerate the plant growth and to protect matured crops from contacting the ground.

  • Three-Layer 12 M Wide Greenhouse Film

    Three-Layer 12 M Wide Greenhouse Film

    A polyethylene three-layer 12 m wide film for large greenhouses and hotbeds is manufactured in Ukraine for the first time. It has light-stabilizing, anti-fog and high-strength characteristics as well as the service life of up to 10 seasons. It was made on a unique 24-meter-high three-layer extrusion machine. Compared to a regular film, the film manufactured by three-layer co-extrusion has several advantages. Linear polyethylene is added to the middle...