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  • Mounting Services

    Mounting Services

    The company performs works related to the mounting of polyethylene pipelines, design and mounting works associated with the construction of water pipelines, gas pipelines and sewerage systems using pipes with the diameter ranging from 20 to 710 mm. We also do geomembrane installation, design and mounting works for waterproofing such facilities as landfills, drain reservoirs, water stops and dams, dried food storages, technical ponds, landscape ponds,...

  • Flexography Services

    Flexography Services

    Flexography is a type of printing which uses flexible printed forms and rather high flow paint. Technological features of flexographic machines allow printing on a huge range of materials virtually without any restrictions: all kinds of paper and cardboard, metal foil, adhesive and textile materials. Nowadays, thanks to the constant improvement of the quality and stability of the resulting prints, cost savings and flexibility, flexography is one of...