Plant-e B.V.

Plant-e was founded on September 14, 2009 as a spin-off company from the sub-department of Environmental Technology from Wageningen University. During PhD research Marjolein Helder and David Strik founded the company and hired Nanda Heshof in September 2012. After Marjolein received her PhD degree, she and Nanda started working fulltime for Plant-e in January 2013. In the same year a large, paid research project started and Plant-e was able to grow to its current core-team: Marjolein, Nanda, Pim, Paulien and Daniël.

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Mansholtlaan 4 , Wageningen , 6708 PA Netherlands

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Agriculture - Agriculture Science and Research
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Plant-e is a young Dutch company that is focused on developing products in which electricity is generated with living plants. This very innovative method of electricity production is not only very friendly for the environment, it is also unique and can be widely integrated around the World.

On our website you can find information about the technology, our products and Plant-e in general.

Green electricity
What is more beautiful than getting electricity from living plants? Your environment is able to generate electricity while you are still able to enjoy nature.

Environmentally friendly
The choice for Plant-e products is an environmentally conscious and sustainable one!

A pretty sight
It is not only wise to choose sustainable but Plant-e products are also unique and look good.

Supporting a green, innovative company
We think that young and innovative companies are the future. By investing in our products and projects, we are enabled to do more research and development and bring other sustainable products to the market.