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  • Electricity with Living Plants

    Electricity with Living Plants

    Plant-e develops products in which electricity is generated with living plants. The products are based on a technology that was developed at Wageningen University. In 2007 the technology was patented, and Plant-e was able to get the patents from the university in 2009. The technology enables us to generate electricity with living plants at practically every location where plants can grow and water is abundantly available. The technology is based on...

  • Plant-e - Modular System

    Plant-e - Modular System

    Plant-e can deliver the Modular System in different shapes and sizes, this way we can make sure there is always a system suitable for your situation! Below you can read about our smallest and larger modular system.

  • Plant-e - DIY-Box Large

    Plant-e - DIY-Box Large

    Experiment with Plant-e technology and experience that plants generate electricity! For educational purposes Plant-e offers the large DIY box. With this box it is possible to experience the power of plants with your whole school class. The box contains materials for 25 plant batteries (excluding plants). When all the pots are well-built they will generate enough electricity to light the included LED.

  • Plant-e - DIY-Box Home Contains

    Plant-e - DIY-Box Home Contains

    The DIY-box Home contains the material you need to build 5 plant batteries (excluding plants) and experiment with it at home. When all the pots are well-built, they will generate enough electricity to light the included LED. The DIY box is suitable for everyone over 10 years. This smaller box is very suitable for home and individual use.