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  • Plant Health Care

  • Model PRB1 - Cybelion

    Model PRB1 - Cybelion

    Cybelion is an extract derived from fungal cells that promote growth and help sustain yield potential.

  • Model PRB1 - Natural Compound

    Model PRB1 - Natural Compound

    PRB1 is a natural compound that increases productivity and improves the overall performance of the crop. Application of PRB1 increases plant vigor and improves quality parameters.

  • Plant Stress Care

  • Neptunion - Plant Metabolite

    Neptunion - Plant Metabolite

    Neptunion is a plant metabolite that reduces adverse effects caused by lack of water. Neptunion is a novel solution that increases tolerance to drought, thus sustaining potential production per plant, number of fruits and average fruit weight.

  • Nutrient Use Efficiency

  • Model PRB110 - Novel Microorganism

    Model PRB110 - Novel Microorganism

    PRB110 is a novel microorganism that increases the production of fruits and seeds by enhancing phosphorus availability, uptake and utilization.