Plast Project S.r.l.

Plast Project has been producing articles and accessories for agricultural and residential irrigation and micro-irrigation for more than twenty-five years. Fittings, valves, irrigators and sprinklers for drip irrigation systems: high- quality items that are geared towards the customer and his needs, and are completely environmentally friendly. These are the essential values that distinguish our company.

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C.da Borgesia sn , Francofonte (SR) , Sicily 96015 Italy

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Internationally (various countries)

Plast Project has been at the forefront of agricultural and residential irrigation and micro-irrigation in Italy and around the world since 1987, building upon the experience of Gadi Irrigazione - a company commercially active in drip irrigation products.
Plast Project's great advance is that of molding products in its own facilities, creating a complete manufacturing cycle - from the study and development of products and components through the design and construction of molds, right up to the injection molding of thermoplastics.
Plast Project now handles about 400 tons of plastics each year, from which we produce a range of more than 2000 products, exported to 30 countries worldwide.