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Pollock Farm Equipment took over the business of John Pollock (Mauchline) ltd on June 1st 1998 and moved the manufacturing to a new site in Lugar some 6 miles from the original factory in Mauchline. Since then expansion has been rapid with the company purchasing 16100 square feet of Manufacturing space and recently purchasing the former National Coal Board Laboratory at Lugar to provide extra office accomodation and a superb new Farm Shop. We are Scotland`s specialist manufacturer of `in-house` manure and slurry moving equipments. Pollock manure and slurry disposal systems have been installed in research, agicultural establishments, abattoirs, market premises and industrial premises providing waste removal throughout the UK. With many systems installed world-wide including Japan, Taiwan, Saudi-Arabia and Canada.

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Unit 1 IMEX Business Centre , Lugar , Cumnock KA18 3NJ United Kingdom

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On the manufacturing front Pollock launched a new Bale Handling system to cope with the ever increasing number of plastic wrapped bales both round and square.

The initial pre-production run sold out it 2002, doubled in 2003 and doubled again in 2004 with a large increase proposed for 2005. 2003 saw the introduction of a rotary cow brush being brought in to be sold under the Pollock name to complement the existing Pollock Cow Brush range. Since taking over the business with an initial nine employees , Pollock Farm Equipment Ltd now have 15 employees with a turnover almost doubled in that time.

Since the first Pollock Automatic Cleaning system was installed in 1963 over 4000 units have now been installed worldwide. With the introduction of a new Hydraulic Scraper system to complement the existing large range of equipment available from Pollock Farm Equipment.

In 1867, Andrew Pollock opened the Implement Works at Cowgatehead in Mauchline, and rapidly gained reputation for manufacturing high quality innovative implements. His sudden death in 1904 was a huge blow to the Company with neither of Andrew's sons, Andrew and William, old enough to take over the company. The company management were good enough to continue the business on behalf of the family, until Andrew and William were trained to run the company.

In 1916, a new factory was built in Station Road, Mauchline under the name of A&W Pollock with William Pollock's son then joining the business in the 1960's making him the last Pollock Family Engineer to own the company, with a further name change to John Pollock (Mauchline)ltd in 1980.

John Pollock brought his own success to the company, selling over 1000 of his well know Byre Cleaning Systems in Japan. In 1967 Jim McGhee joined A&W Pollock as an apprentice agricultural engineer, progressing to the drawing office and then as Salesman, leaving Jim as the perfect candidate to take over the company, renamed again as Pollock Farm Equipment in 1998, upon John Pollock's retirement.