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  • Byre Cleaners

    Byre Cleaners

    Pollock Byre cleaners, first introduced in 1963 are still available some 30 years later. With the introduction of loose housings and the new animal welfare regulations this is an ever decreasing market.

  • Bale Handler

    Bale Handler

    These universal bale handlers are designed specifically to handle bales without damage to the plastic film, specially designed paddles for handling large square bales and tubes for handling round bales as shown below.

  • Standard Cow Brushes

    Standard Cow Brushes

    Thousands of these cow brushes are now in use worldwide, helping to fight against dirt, disease, insects and parasites. Two models are available, the standard cowbrush or a cowbrush with insecticide applicator.

  • Rotary Cow Brushes

    Rotary Cow Brushes

    With the addition of a rotary cowbrush to the Pollock range, the door has been opened to even greater animal health, welfare and hygiene. A superb new cowbrush with Automatic start, stop and inbuilt animal safety device to prevent 'Tail Wrap Overload'

  • Slurry Grids

    Slurry Grids

    Pollock Slurry Grids are contructed from 80 x 80 x 6 angle iron with a 100 x 50 x 10 channel iron frame and are built to customer specifications Load bearing units can also be supplied in a painted finish with hot galvanising dip available on request.