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  • Feeders for Weaners

  • TUBO - Model WSKK - Feeders

    TUBO - Model WSKK - Feeders

    The special features of our feeders are plastic tube capacity 80 kg. Its specially design and agitator inside prevent feed lumping. What is more tube has a cover minimizing feed pollution. You can apply 2 auger pipes for one tube. Variable water system with two nipples in each feeder. Metal precise regulation systemallows to controll feed flow. Feeding adjustment has 10 positions. Thanks to feeding trough made of stainless steel or of polymer-concrete...

  • Pig Equipment - Feeding

  • Spiral Feed Augers

    Spiral Feed Augers

    Spiral feeding lines are available in four diameters with capacity from 6.8 kg to 99.8 kg per minute. They can be used to transport feed granular, crushed, mixed grain with high humidity and grinding grain. The basic elements of the spiral feeding lines are: engine, spiral and pipes - an appropriate mix of all components ensures optimum efficiency and long life of the entire system. We use the transport tubes made of high quality PVC, which not...

  • Pig Equipment - Drinking

  • Mounted Troughs

    Mounted Troughs

    Troughs mounted to slats are aimed for feeding piglets in first days after separation from sow.  Montage to slats with springs and hooks prevents from moving the trough and guarantees stability. Trough is divided with stainless steel construction, which prevents from spreading the feed and make difficult for piglets going into the trough. Optimum density for trough is 20 weaners for 1meter trough. We produce two types of troughs: made of PE...

  • Poultry

  • Chick - Paper Trolley

    Chick - Paper Trolley

    Our hand operated trolley enables simultaneous distribution of chickpaper and feed on the paper. You can regulate the amount of feed that will be sprinkled on the paper. Capacity – 375l, paper dimension up to 70cm. The best solution for every broiler production unit!