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  • Pomac - Self Propelled Fruit Harvester

    Pomac - Self Propelled Fruit Harvester

    Exclusive fruits transport system featuring center belt: dents annulled! Is one-of-a-kind: empty bins on the front, filling bin on the cart, and full bin behind. No trailer in tow. (Drawbar and trailer available upon request).

  • Pomac - Electronic Sorter

    Pomac - Electronic Sorter

    The electronic components of optical sorters produced before 2004 are obsolete and hard to find. We recommend that owners of pre-2004 models upgrade their sorter's electronic module to the most recent 2017 model which has significantly higher performance and a clear improvement in product sorting quality.

  • Pomac - Metal Conveyor Belts

    Pomac - Metal Conveyor Belts

    Metal conveyor belts are supplied based on the harvester model and their price varies depending on the harvester's year of production; the following are some examples of the discounts applied on 2016 models:

  • Pomac - Electronic Tomato Sorting Machines

    Pomac - Electronic Tomato Sorting Machines

    Our specialized staff, with more than twenty years’ experience in the field, has the technical expertise and operational experience needed to ensure quality service to every customer: