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  • Tomato Harvest Machines

  • Model Super COSMO/35/MS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    Model Super COSMO/35/MS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This Harvest Machine represents the basis model of Pomac production.It is equipped by a single selecting device at 35 channels for the electronic choice of the tomato. All main technical features such as the size of the belts , the hydraulic equipment, the transmissions and the power of the engine , are unvaried with respect to the models of higher range.In such a way the harvest machine keeps the power and reliability which represent the proud point...

  • Model Super COSMO/35/DS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    Model Super COSMO/35/DS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This model of harvest machine features the same technical characteristics of the previous model.The only important difference consists of the presence of a second electronic selecting machine. In such a way the machine can harvest also without personnel for the selection of the tomato aboard which can be up to 4 operators on the models at single choice.

  • Model GIGA COSMO/45/MS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    Model GIGA COSMO/45/MS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This harvest machine is perfect for the exigences of more production.Being equipped with an electronic selecting machine equipped with 45 channels , it features a remarkable harvest capacity.The discharging belt of 80 cm length, common in all Pomac models, has an enormous capacity of transport and works in perfect synergy with the selecting machine , allowing the machine to reach hour production of more than 450 qls.

  • Model GIGA COSMO/45/DS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    Model GIGA COSMO/45/DS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This is the Harvest Machine at the top of the Pomac production.It keeps as unchanged the already tested technical features which give quality superiority to the models of the company and its strong performances are enhanced by the presence of two electronic choosing devices. The production capacity of this model overcomes 500 qls per hour and meets the Farmers’ most extreme harvest exigences.

  • Electronic Selecting Machines

    Electronic Selecting Machines

    Genius series is the result of the experience that Pomac made on this field in 20 years, the first model was produced in fact in 1991. Pomac produces two models of sorters, one with 35 channels and one with 45. They differ only for the hour capacity of selected product chose by the customer.

  • Grape Harvesting Machines

    Grape Harvesting Machines

    New Pomac V.TP grape harvester is projected specifically for the highly productive vineyards of North Italy and for very long rows: the inside height is 3 meters. the two tanks can contain 40 quintals. with a length of only 225 cm the machine is suitable for all kinds of vineyards and for the road traffic. the motorized wheels allow to harvest perfectly on trimmed fields and with inclinations up to 20°. the self-driving system, standard on every...