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  • Cut Flowers

  • Bucket Destacking- and Filling Station

    Bucket Destacking- and Filling Station

    Potveer offers bucket destacking- and filling systems for various types and sizes of buckets. Our bucket stations are reliable machines with a high capacity.

  • Elastic Twine Binder

    Elastic Twine Binder

    The Potveer Elastic twine binder is a reliable solution for quick binding of bunches. Suitable for every existing flower processing line or stand alone. Potveer Elastic twine binders are equipped with a counter and string-end detection. In addition to binding elastic twine around a bunch, it is also possible to add a feedingsachet to the bunch. Please have a look at the Potveer Sachet binder with automatic string supply.

  • Elastic Twine Binder with Feedingsachet Supply

    Elastic Twine Binder with Feedingsachet Supply

    Potveer elastic twine binder with feeding sachet supply on top of the bunch. This method outperforms the alternative feeding devices. A must-have for each company who wants to improve efficiency.

  • Emptying and Filling System

    Emptying and Filling System

    Potveer’s emptying and filling system is a system for quickly and efficiently emptying and filling trays on transport containers. Potveer is experienced in making these kind of systems for both waterforcing and soil grown circumstances. In addition to emptying and filling, destacking and stacking of trays are options to integrate in a system. Each company is different and therefore we make client specific designs for an emptying and filling...

  • Tulip

  • Compost Measuring System

    Compost Measuring System

    On the basis of 30 years of experience a new, patented system has been developed for measuring out compost for many applications. The new design means that the hopper can measure out precisely the same quantity of compost time after time. The compost hopper (PGB) is powered by a photocell, so that the required amount of compost is deposited in the compost-measuring unit (GDE). In the GDE, the compost is spread over the width of the unit by two...

  • Model Pro  - Debulbing Machine

    Model Pro - Debulbing Machine

    Compared to traditional debulbing machines, the Debulbing machine Pro limits the risk of damaging stems due to the tidy separation of the tulips and the hanging position of the tulip when entering the machine. Tidy separation is possible because the distance between the tulips is relatively large. The tulips are offered in a straight line to the sawing unit. The crushing wheels have a large diameter and therefore they process very solid bulbs...

  • Lily

  • Model CRP  - Flower Processing Machine

    Model CRP - Flower Processing Machine

    The CRP Flower processing line processes a single layer cut-flowers, whereby 2 sorting operations are bunched in one go. The quality of the flowers is secured by minimum handling of the product. In the user software functions are added for an order retail driven production. The CRP Flower processing line consists of several parts which can be combined into a custom made solution. Have a look at the video's below that show the CRP Cutter, CRP Stripper,...

  • Model BVL - Flower Processing Machine

    Model BVL - Flower Processing Machine

    Potveer’s BVL flower processing line operates with any kind of flowers and bouquets. Optional for this line is a roof belt, a sponge wheel belt or a combi belt, a sawing unit, a deleafing unit and an extension for sleeving. In partnership with the customer we optimise the line to meet each specific requirement.