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  • Prairie Habitats - Hand Held Seed Harvester

    Prairie Habitats - Hand Held Seed Harvester

    Our Hand Held Seed Harvester (HHSH) was developed for use in rugged terrain, ecologically sensitive areas and seed nurseries; letting you harvest the seeds you need, with little environmental impact. Weighing only 17 lbs (7.7 kg) and carried on a shoulder strap or line trimmer harness, they are light and easy to use. Powered by a low maintenance, fuel efficient 2 cycle gas engine, they are portable, durable and trouble free. If you can walk there, you...

  • Seeding Equipment

    Prairie Habitats Inc. is an authorized Canadian dealer for Truax Co. Inc. products. Purchase equipment through us in Canadian $'s and avoid the hassles of cross border shipping and customs clearance.

  • Prairie Habitats - Land Pride Seed Broadcaster

    Prairie Habitats - Land Pride Seed Broadcaster

    Prairie Habitats Inc.'s newest addition to our line of prairie restoration seeding equipment is the Land Pride FSP series broadcasters. These PTO-operated, 3 point hitch, tractor-mounted seeders/spreaders provide unparalleled native seed distribution on prepared sites. The Land Pride FSP has an aggressive agitator that precludes the need for expensive and time-consuming seed processing. You can broadcast seed that is full of straw and chaff with ease....

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  • Model OTG - Seed Drill

    Model OTG - Seed Drill

    Agriculture drills, both grain and grass, are designed to plant either as a no-till into residue or be configured to plant conventional, prepared seed beds. These drills are not versatile enough for today’s farmers who demand more when faced with sites that need drills to change from one mode to another as conditions change. The Truax On-the-Go Drill adapts to your site conditions and even to seed bed variances within a field.

  • Trillion - Broadcast Seeder

    Trillion - Broadcast Seeder

    The Trillion Broadcast Seeder is designed for shallow seed placement in a prepared seedbed. This seeder plants turf grasses, wildflowers or forbs, native grasses, introduced grasses, legumes, and cover crops.