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    Poly Feed Bin

    Prairie Pride has developed the Futures Bin today in our  Poly Bins.  All the features the others will have in their bins in the future are in ours Today. Check the list of features below and you will agree that Poly Bin is the bin for your needs.

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  • Model PP-8BF - Flex Burpable Pit Plug

    Model PP-8BF - Flex Burpable Pit Plug

    Fits 6'-8' sewer pipe. Large 2' opening for easy filling with sand   ** Fill 3/4 full of sand and seal fill hole.**. Flex series takes the shape of the pipe opening often ovalled when the pit concrete is poured this seals the liquid in to reduce manure flow problems. Flare at the top of the plug with a strong top and heavy side  walls reduces the chance of  plugs being pulled into the pipe. Large 1.5' hole in the handle allows for...

  • Model 1200 CFM - Counter Balanced Ceiling Inlets

    Model 1200 CFM - Counter Balanced Ceiling Inlets

    Insulated  inlet  door and double wall housing to reduce freezing and dripping from condensation. Styrofoam door with plastic sheet covering for directing the airflow along the ceiling until in the dump position. Counter balance hardware is supplied which allows for the adjustment for improved air pattern control under varying negative pressures.