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  • Technology & Product Consultation Services

    Technology & Product Consultation Services

    We understand the ag industry becomes more complex every year. Farmers are faced with thousands of opportunities to improve their profitability and it can be overwhelming. We have a thorough understanding of the products we sell and the benefits they can offer for your farm. We’ll evaluate your existing technology, consider your production goals and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your operation. As an independent dealer we...

  • Soil Testing Services

    Soil Testing Services

    Take the guesswork out of fertilizer application by having your soil tested. Our agronoist brings years of experience and can effectively determine the amount of nutrients available in your soil and the amount of irrigation, lime and fertilizer needed. Without a soil test it’s nearly impossible to determine what your soil needs to be productive and you may be wasting time and money. If you would like to have your soil tested call us to schedule an...

  • Field Mapping Services

    Field Mapping Services

    Let our specialists and technology go to work for you. We’ll develop management zones that share similar characteristics based on soil, drainage and other factors. With these management zones we can determine which seed hybrids will be most successful for that zone. Paired with our products and technology you’ll be positioned to get the most out of every acre on your farm. Contact us to learn more.With locations in Aberdeen and Platte,...