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  • RTK Survey Services

    RTK Survey Services

    The Precision Decisions RTK survey is designed to highlight the ideal locations for a base station and the estimated coverage that it will be able to provide.

  • Consultancy Services

    Consultancy Services

    Clear, concise information and reliable professional services to optimise your efficiency.

  • Conductivity Scanning Services

    Conductivity Scanning Services

    Conductivity scanning provides a detailed map of the variation in soil properties across a field, the ideal base for making informed management decisions. Our non-invasive EM scanning service collects data at a high rate for multiple parameters at two depths of soil, ensuring complete and comprehensive mapping of your fields.

  • Data Management Services

    Data Management Services

    Precision farming practices can quickly create a vast amount of data on farm, and utilising this information is key to making the most of your equipment and technologies. Combining different sources of validated field data can improve understanding and provide new insights: yield maps, soil sampling or EM scanning, biomass maps and others are all made more valuable when considered together with your first hand experiences of field characteristics. Our...