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  • Precision Drone PaceSetter - Drone

    Precision Drone PaceSetter - Drone

    The Precision PaceSetter is the top-of-the-line drone for the agricultural industry. It is equipped with Precision Vision, auto-pilot, and industry-leading flight time. You will not find a more complete, well-rounded product for aerial crop scouting on the market.

  • Precision Drone Scout - Drone

    Precision Drone Scout - Drone

    The Precision Scout is equipped with live feed for real-time crop management and livestock surveillance. Its long flight time, GPS stability, and telemetry give it an advantage over its competitors.

  • Precision Drone - Onset Drone

    Precision Drone - Onset Drone

    The Precision Onset is ahead of the quad copter class of drones. With record-setting flight times, GPS stability, telemetry, and it's high-definition camera, it may be the best tool for your needs.