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  • Data Evaluation Software

    Data Evaluation Software

    After the EM mapping is complete, Precision Water Works takes all of the raw data that correlates the EM readings of the different soils and uses technology to find the variability within the soil. This is the bridge from the mapping to the Variable Rate Irrigation and should provide some answers to you the farmer on how differently you should be managing different parts of your field. At this point, we reccommend that we sit down and evaluate the...

  • Variable Rate Irrigation

    Variable Rate Irrigation

    Goal: Increase water use efficiency, improve yields and maximize profitability throughout the entire field. The EM Maps provide the information required for the variable rate irrigation. If a sprinkler system is being used, individual nozzle control is required to target different irrigation depths to different soil managed areas. Individual nozzle control also allows water to be shut off for example when traveling across raceways and over saturated...