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  • Water Kit

    Water Kit

    Flies to a particular site and lands, Taxis to specific coordinates, takes off and returns. 1 water rudder for tail set-up, 1 set of floats. 

  • Weight And Speed Kit

    Weight And Speed Kit

    When you add the Weight and Speed Kit tools, it increases the payload capacity by 25%. It also reduces the speed by 40% allowing better accuracy at higher ground resolutions. One set of extended wings.

  • Enhanced Ground Kit

    Enhanced Ground Kit

    Every PrecisionHawk platform is sold with all the items you need to fly it: Hard-sided pelican case, One set of wings, Two propellers, Two batteries, One tail, The flight software to download on your own laptop.

  • Live Video Streaming

    Live Video Streaming

    PrecisionHawk offers live, high-definition video streaming via internet connection through its cloud service. This gives users the ability to view video in near real-time for analysis from a remote base station using a smart device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc…). This service is compatible with most video feed formats that are streamed to a ground station via UAV. In addition to live streaming, the user will have the ability to save and...