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Products by Strobel Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Earth Moving

  • Strobel - Model GP Pro - Box Scrapers

    Strobel - Model GP Pro - Box Scrapers

    The perfect match for anyone. Can be used for grading your driveway.finish landscaping, grading feedlots, snow removal, waterways, terraces or just to move DIRT. Whatever your need.Strobel scrapers will give you years of service.

  • Strobel - Pro Grader

    Strobel - Pro Grader

    Controls allow changes to blade angle, tilt, tongue swing and more. Electric over hydraulic controls use only one tractor outlet. Walking tandem staggered wheels. Many options like wireless remote controls, LED light package, more. 

  • Strobel - Earth Packer

    Strobel - Earth Packer

    Rugged 8' x 8' x 3/8' Square Tube Construction. Wide Drum for Broadest Coverage & Packing With Each Pass. More Chevron-Patterned Teeth Per Drum Than Other Packers. 5,000 pound or 6,000 pound Empty Weight. Add Up To 700 Gallons of Liquid for Maximum Packing.

  • Seed Handling

  • Box Seed Tender

    Box Seed Tender

    The farming community is going to bulk seed. Saves significant labor and time, plant more acres per day. Well built, water tight & totally welded. Designed & engineered for low maintenance. Plastic Lundell Cup auger minimizes seed damage.

  • Bulk Seed Tender

    Bulk Seed Tender

    Balanced design saving wear on your truck. Twin 10,000# Torsion Axles, with electric brakes. Lundell Poly cup 7”or 8” Augers, gentle on seed. Low profile, 6’11” Fill Height, safer and easy to fill. Several models available to fit your seed transport needs.

  • Seed Treater

    Seed Treater

    Bulk Inline (BST) and Gravity Seed Treaters (GST). BST accepts, weighs and treats bulk seed. Large surge hopper for flexible loading. On board scales. Portable GST for customers not handling bulk seed. Can be outfitted with or without a generator. Accommodates Buckhorn Center Flow seed boxes

  • Seeding & Preparation

  • Native  - Grass Drills

    Native - Grass Drills

    Rectangular Tube Framework, Welded Frame Construction. Patented Paddle Agitator Forced Feeding System. Durable 14 GA Galvanized Seed Boxes to Prevent Rusting. Easy to Transport, Particularly When Utlizing Strobel Drill Trailer Formerly known as the Miller seeder and/or the Horizon seeder

  • Stalk Cutters

    Stalk Cutters

    Replaces Discs for Primary Tillage in Most Soils. High-speed Operation & Minimal Drawbar Power. Excellent Results in Green Vegetation. Engineered for Low Maintenance. Rugged Design & Quality Construction.

Products by Burchland Maufacturing, Inc

  • Model GSX Series - Grain Shuttles

    Model GSX Series - Grain Shuttles

    The GSX Series Grain Shuttle is a portable drive over hopper designed to make unloading grain trailers into a bin quick and easy. Designed for farmers with multiple bin sites, the GSX Series Drive over hopper is quick and easy to transport. The Drive over hopper can be towed behind a tractor or a pickup and quickly lowered to the ground for operation. Spring assisted ramps make set-up and transport a one person operation. The low 7 3/8' deck of the...

  • Burchland - Corn Detasseling Head Trailer

    Burchland - Corn Detasseling Head Trailer

    The Burchland Corn Detasseler Head Trailer is designed for storage and transport of Hagie corn detasseling heads. This head trailer replaces cumbersome stands and is ideal for operators of Hagie combo units with more than one attachment. The Corn Detasseler Head Trailer provides a big advantage over stands by adding the ability to move the head after it is mounted on the trailer. With a Hagie Corn Detasseler Head Trailer, the head can be removed from...

  • Model SCX - Straw Crimper

    Model SCX - Straw Crimper

    Burchland’s ALL NEW SCX Straw Crimper lets you say good-bye to poorly secured, uneven straw mulch installation due to rocks, roots, stumps and even sidewalks. Why? Because each SCX mulch crimper disc can pivot left and right and up and down independently from each other which is a big advantage over other straw crimpers.

  • Gravel - Model GBX - Wear Bars Box

    Gravel - Model GBX - Wear Bars Box

    Burchland Mfg. Gravel Boxes will add efficiency to your job site. These bedding material containers are real stone savers, helping to reduce waste and increase speed on the job site. Standard GBX gravel boxes are built heavy and built to last. They are made to handle the abuse that an excavator can dish out. Floors and ends are built with ½” plate. Tear strips on the floor increase strength and help prevent wear. Formed wear strips on the...