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  • Glenvar Bale Direct Systems

    Glenvar Bale Direct Systems

    The ‘Glenvar’ Bale Direct system has been developed and refined on the Shields’ property ‘Glenvar’ at Wongan Hills, Western Australia during the past 7 years. Herbicide resistant weed populations, encountered in the late 1980% began to have a major effect on the economics of cropping by 1990. Windrowing collected a high percentage of seeds but required a hot fire to destroy the weed seeds. Chaff carts were introduced and...

  • Precision Seeder Bar

    Precision Seeder Bar

    Excellent trash flow, Robust, intelligent concept, Benchmark agronomic features, True low disturbance design, Skip-row facility, Low maintenance, Deep tillage capacity, Outstanding flotation, Castoring seeding module, Quick investment recovery, Optimum water harvesting. Maximum working depth of 300mm, Row spacing options - 260mm, 300mm (plus skip-row facility), High underframe clearance of 800mm (adjustable + or - 75mm) with points touching ground,...