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  • Hatching Eggs

  • Ovoset Pro - Hatching Egg Setters

    Ovoset Pro - Hatching Egg Setters

    Ovoset Pro is the perfect solution for accurate and gentle setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays. The setter trays are automatically handled and positioned for egg transfer and setting. Ovoset Pro has a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour, setter tray type depending. Hatching eggs are positioned point down and gently placed onto a setter tray with Prinzens egg transfer system. The stainless steel...

  • Prinzen Ovoset - Hatching Egg Setters

    Prinzen Ovoset - Hatching Egg Setters

    The Ovoset is the perfect solution for accurate setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays. Herewith you strongly reduce manual labour while retaining the quality of the eggs. Hatching eggs are positioned point down and gently placed onto a setter tray with Prinzens egg transfer system. The Ovoset handles virtually all types of setter trays. It is a semi-automatic setter machine, with the trays placed manually. Its compact design fits in...

  • Prinzen - Model PSPC - Egg Setting Machine

    Prinzen - Model PSPC - Egg Setting Machine

    The Prinzen PSPC series takes automation of hatching egg setting one step further, placing hatching eggs directly onto setter trays, with an unsurpassed points down setting. These trays are automatically fed and brought into position. The Prinzen egg transfer system lifts and places eggs gently onto the trays. The PSPC machines have a capacity of up to 22.000 eggs per hour depending on the type of setter tray. This allows you to reduce labour time,...

  • Ovograder - Hatching Egg Setters

    Ovograder - Hatching Egg Setters

    Grading hatching eggs results in a better uniformity among hatching eggs and thus optimizes the uniformity of day-old chicks. The Prinzen egg graders are known for their accuracy and user friendliness. The Ovograder is positioned between the egg belt and the egg setting machine and grades eggs into predefined weight classes. Non-hatching egg sizes are separated and routed automatically to the hand pack table. With the touch...

  • Consumption Eggs

  • Table Egg Packers

    Table Egg Packers

    With our experience in hatching egg setting machines we developed top of the line table egg packers for 30 cell plastic and cardboard trays. From small easy-to-operate packers to fully automated packing lines we offer the solution to fit your requirements. Prinzen packers guarantee the quality of the egg throughout the process. All our packers are compact and flexible to:

  • Timeline  - Eggs Packing Table

    Timeline - Eggs Packing Table

    The Timeline is a perfectly tuned processing line for packing table eggs on farm; from the egg conveyor belt to the pallet. By combining the Speedpack, PS4 Traystacker and Pallet Loader, Prinzen created a packing line with an unequalled speed of 4 egg pallets per hour. This packing line can be used for both plastic and cardboard trays. The flexible design allows the separate components to be varied in position. Together with conveyor belts and curves...

  • Tray Stackers

    Tray Stackers

    To further automate the process of egg packing, trays can be stacked with our semi and fully automatic stackers.

  • Pallet Loader

    Pallet Loader

    The conveyor belt brings the stacks to the unique Prinzen Pallet Loader. With extreme precision the Pallet Loader swiftly places stacks of eggs onto pallets. When a layer on the pallet is complete, the Pallet Loader automatically takes a protective divider from stock and accurately positions it on top of the lower layer. Completed pallets can be automatically moved with a pallet conveyor or simply removed with a pallet truck and replaced by...