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  • Model OS - Flat Bottom Industrial Silos

    Model OS - Flat Bottom Industrial Silos

    These silos must be constructed on a flat slab. The standard design is for a central and gravity emptying. They are designed to store any kind of dry and easy flowing cereals (wheat, maize, barley, rye, soya beans, field peas, rice, sunflower, rape seeds…). For some applications a specific design is necessary:( oilseed cake, industrials pellets (wood pellets…).

  • Model SF/SFX  series - Farm Silos

    Model SF/SFX series - Farm Silos

    The farm silos are designed to respect the EUROCODE standard and remain competitive. Privé SA can sells these silos within the European Union because Prive SA is certified for the CE marking. The wall sheets of the outside silos are made of galvanized steel Z450. The bolts are hot-dip galvanized. The roofs panels are made of aluznc AZ185. Several solutions for aeration can be proposed: set of ventigaines, network of ventilames, venticones and...

  • Hoppers and Silos with Inside Cones

    Hoppers and Silos with Inside Cones

    The hoppers have a 45° conical bottom to allow a total emptying by gravity. The support legs and frame are galvanized (Z450 or hot-dip galvanized). The silos with inside cones 45° are an economical alternative to the hoppers, the support frame is simplified because the loads are supported by the outside stiffeners. There is also the possibility to aerate the grain with perforated cone elements. The handling devices are protected from the...

  • Ventigaines and Ventilames

    Ventigaines and Ventilames

    They are used for the aeration of the grain inside round silos or inside storage buildings. The ventigaines can be moved when the building is empty so the surface can be used for any other purpose. The ventilames must be placed on channels in the foundations. The ventilames “CAMION” (“TRUCK”) are made of a thicker steel and support up to 7 tons par wheel.