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  • Unverferth - Seed Runner Tender

    Unverferth - Seed Runner Tender

    The dual-compartment Unverferth Seed Runner tender for bulk seed not only delivers seed directly to your planter or drill, its innovative, patented design allows it to fill itself! The model 3750 and 3750 XL feature a capacity of 375 seed units and model 2750 holds up to 275 seed units.

  • Miller - Self-propelled sprayers

    Miller - Self-propelled sprayers

    Miller truly is an innovative leader in application equipment technology, and our comprehensive product line is the proof. With the simple, rugged, and powerful Condor GC Series Mechanical Drive sprayers, Miller’s application products feature the latest Can Bus technology and performance in the industry. Exclusive Spray-Air air boom technology, for outstanding herbicide, insecticide and fertilizer application. The bottom line: you will find the...

Products by F/S Manufacturing Inc.

  • Ag Sprayers

  • Trailer Sprayers

    Trailer Sprayers

    Our Trailer Sprayers follow in the footsteps of our Self-Propelled Sprayers, or really in the footsteps of just about anything with their adjustable wheel spacing.  They are some of the lightest trailer sprayers on the market due to the lightweight boom design, allowing for easy pulling and improved fuel economy. With 1,000 and 1,500 Gallon models available and...

  • Tru-Kleen

  • Tru-Kleen - Cone-Bottom Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Tru-Kleen - Cone-Bottom Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Our Tru-Kleen Cone-Bottom Water & Fertilizer Tanks incorporate all the benefits of our Yellow Line Poly Tanks...and then ADD THE TRU-KLEEN BENEFITS!  With a 10-Degree Cone-Bottom and a Male Threaded Outlet, you can pump every last drop of product out of your tanks without the hassle of trying to clean that last 50 gallons of product. Tru-Kleen™ Storage Tanks are available in 1000, 1300, 1600, 2000,...

  • Tru-Kleen - Chemical Processor

    Tru-Kleen - Chemical Processor

    Loads chemical from Totes or Barrels.  Uses existing transfer pump. Mechanical Measuring - No Meters . Induction of chemical from jugs.  Rinses both cones. Rinses jugs .

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  • Homestead Sprayers

    Homestead Sprayers

    Available in 55, 110, 150 or 200 Gallon Models. Cast Iron PTO Roller Pump (Stainless Steel Available). TeeJet Manual Controls (Electric In-Cab Controls Available). Compatible with Category I or II Hitch. 4-Point Stand. 1-Year Sprayer Warranty. 20 or 30 Foot Boom for 110, 150 & 200 Gal. Models. 12 or 18 Foot Boom for 55 Gal. Model

  • Dandy-Lion Killer - Chemical Applicators

    Dandy-Lion Killer - Chemical Applicators

    Are you tired of fighting with dandelions or other weeds?  Frustrated because you can't use your sprayer without the risk of chemical drift killing your wife's flowers?  Then you need a DANDY-LION KILLER from F/S Manufacturing.  Its simple, gravity-fed operation makes it an easy, effective and safe tool for anyone to use, regardless of experience.  The Dandy-Lion Killer is A NO-DRIFT CHEMICAL APPLICATOR, so even when the wind...

  • Yellow Line - Heavy Duty Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Yellow Line - Heavy Duty Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Our Yellow Line poly tanks are second to none in quality and strength.  With a 16 pound-per-gallon rating, they are the most heavy-duty poly storage tanks on the market, and are designed for fertilizer storage.  Our Yellow Line flat bottom tanks are available in 1600, 2000 and 3000 Gallon Capacities.

Products by Amber Waves Inc.

  • Amber Waves - Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

    Amber Waves - Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

    Amber Waves offers only one series of grain bins and that is our best. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts on materials, supporting structure or in the fabrication process itself. From engineering to delivery and set up we do everything we can to make sure that you are getting the best value in the industry when you purchase an Amber Waves hopper bin. We manufacture bins ranging from 480 bushel capacity all the way up to the 4800 bushel model....

  • Amber Waves - Overhead Cake Bins

    Amber Waves - Overhead Cake Bins

    The secret behind our overhead cake bin is simple. We designed and built the bin we wanted for our own ranches. We wanted to be able to operate the slide gate with gloves on and load the cake feeder without getting a face full of dust. We also wanted to be able to see at a glance how much feed we had remaining in the bin. With our model 1415C, when the bottom view glass shows empty you’ve got room to take a semi-load and still have feed left for...

  • Amber Waves - Frac Sand Storage Bins

    Amber Waves - Frac Sand Storage Bins

    The Amber Waves Frac Sand bin was “Born in the Bakken”. Anytime you see a row of white bins lined up along a rail siding in oil country, odds are pretty good that you’ll see the Amber Waves logo on them. Strength, durability and plain old dependability is engineered into every one of our sand bins, built strong enough for even the heaviest ceramic proppants. If you needed bins for your transload in North Dakota’s Bakken last...

  • Amber Waves - Stainless Steel Smooth Wall Hopper Bin

    Amber Waves - Stainless Steel Smooth Wall Hopper Bin

    The stainless steel smooth wall hopper bin is the newest member in the Amber Waves line up. If you are looking for the ultimate storage bin for bulk dry fertilizer or other highly corrosive materials and want something that will last, this is the answer and at a price that opens up unlimited possibilities. By using 304 stainless steel for the bin body and carbon steel for the support structure Amber Waves has developed the ultimate value in a...