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  • Pro Mag - Gauge Wheels

    Pro Mag - Gauge Wheels

    The original product and the company’s namesake. Our patented design provides easy access to the internal workings and views of the row unit. Never question a lost or plugged scraper again. The engineered rim design features an exclusive low slot perimeter eliminating interference for removal of mud, fodder, and other field refuse significantly reducing plugged units. The proven durability in a lighter-weight model means less stress on your...

  • Pro Mags - Urethane Gauge Wheels

    Pro Mags - Urethane Gauge Wheels

    If you have struggled with premature tire wear on your gauge wheels, check out the latest Pro Mags Gauge Wheels fitted with urethane tires. The wear resistant urethane lasts 3-5 times the life of regular rubber tires. Available in 3″ and 4″ widths.

  • Pro Mag - Universal Scraper

    Pro Mag - Universal Scraper

    For the farmer battling frequent mud or difficult soil compositions (clay loam, white alkali, etc.) the Pro Mag Universal Scraper is the perfect addition to the Pro Mag gauge wheel. The angled scraper’s design forces mud, stubble, and other field refuse away from the opening disk and out of the internal side of the gauge wheels preventing soil buildup on seed furrows. The Pro Mag universal scraper is mounted to the axle of the opening disk...

  • Pro Mag - Replacement Kit

    Pro Mag - Replacement Kit

    Have perfectly good bearings and tires? Designed with recycling in mind, the replacement kit option allows you to simply replace the steel or nylon in your wheel with the Pro Mags steel preventing expensive parts waste. Upgrade your planter or drill today! Pro Mags Gauge Wheels feature a clear coat finish preventing fading, chipping, flash rust, and many more advantages over standard painted wheels. Additionally, this finish provides an unmatched...

  • Pro Mags - Stopers

    Pro Mags - Stopers

    Pro Mags Stops are a simple addition to every row unit. They easily mount to the tail stock of the unit and each one covers both sides of the row. Pro Mags Stops have become incredibly popular and prevent premature wear on pivots, bushings, gauge wheel cast arms, and prevent the flattening of the tail stock cast piece.