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  • KLEENair - Vacuum Grain Screener

    KLEENair - Vacuum Grain Screener

    We've displayed the KLEENair unit for the past six years at the NATIONAL FARM MACHINERY SHOW in Louisville, KY. Visiting with hundreds of producers at the show made us aware of the great amount of confusion regarding the different types of grain cleaners being offered for cleaning grain as it leaves a grain dryer. For example, the Kongskilde, Farm Fans, Super B, and GSI grain cleaners are ASPIRATOR type cleaners, which suck air in through the...

  • Grain Dryers

  • Model AB-Series - Grain Dryers

    Model AB-Series - Grain Dryers

    The popular AB series of grain dryers now gives you a choice of five great models, designed with 12' and 14' grain columns which assure you more dry grain. The five dryers shown here offer a capacity range from 190 to 750 BPH. All are fully automated...rugged, versatile and mobile. Their low initial cost saves you money at the time of purchase; their efficient operation keeps on saving you money. All five models utilize the efficient staged automatic...

  • Model CF/AB-Series - Grain Dryers

    Model CF/AB-Series - Grain Dryers

    The Farm Fans CF/AB Series grain dryers are designed for full heat operation for the utmost in fuel efficiency. Farm Fans engineering department designed a dry and cool option standard in each CF/AB model as well as continuous flow or automatic batch selection, giving the operator complete flexibility. The CF/AB Series are standard with Digi-Trol automatic moisture control, Digi-Time programmers and optional Digi-Temp plenum controls for precise,...

  • Model CF/SA-Series - Grain Dryers

    Model CF/SA-Series - Grain Dryers

    Many of the standard features you get on the CF/SA grain dryers are expensive extras when offered by other manufacturers. CF/SA models are engineered to operate in continuous flow or staged automatic, dry and cool or full heat modes, with just a turn of a weather proof control panel selector switch. Digi-Trol automatic moisture control, Digi-Temp digital plenum control, and Digi-Time staged automatic digital controllers are a sampling of the high...

  • Model C2100A-Series - Grain Dryers

    Model C2100A-Series - Grain Dryers

    If you desire flexibility, dependability and efficient operation; take look at the C2100A Series Farm Fans grain dryers. Each model comes standard with dry and cool or full heat operation with a simple turn of a selector switch. Advanced technology is key to the entire operation of the C2100A Series. Vari-Trol automatic moisture control system, Electronic temperature plenum control system with full length averaging RTD sensors and a precision SCR...

  • Model CF-H Series - Grain Dryers

    Model CF-H Series - Grain Dryers

    The Modular H Series of commercial grain dryers allows grain men to expand drying capacity - easily and economically - as their drying needs grow. It's surprising versatility revolves around the CMS - 500H basic unit which utilizes the Continuous Flow and Continuous Multi-Stage methods. Capacity can be quickly increased to 2,015 BPH by stacking a second unit on top of the first. A third unit can be added to increase total capacity up to 3,020 BPH. The...

  • Model CF-M Series - Grain Dryers

    Model CF-M Series - Grain Dryers

    The M Series Modular grain dryers are loaded with innovative technology and high performance features. Designed and manufactured to be the best in the field, the M Series dryers are extremely sophisticated; yet offer trouble-tree, automatic operation. The modular construction with expandable features and functions provides outstanding performance for years to come. With the M Series Modular dryers, you can automatically define each function of your...